Tomigo Leverages Social Media To Help Employers Find The Perfect Person For The Job

By Sophie Imas, NoCamels December 15, 2013 Comments

Finding the right employee can be one of the hardest parts of running a business. Every year, companies spend thousands of dollars on recruitment agencies in the search of a perfect match and even then, results aren’t guaranteed. Israeli company Tomigo has made it a whole lot easier with their social media employee referral system.

According to co-founder and CEO, Tal Moran, this system is “dedicated to every company that believes in their employees.” Essentially, Tomigo enables employees to refer suitable candidates from their social media contacts for a job opening in their company. The company hosts a web-based platform which gives available tools to the recruiters and employees for managing the referral system. It leverages the process by using the employees’ permission to use their social media connections.

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Once the recruiter posts a job opening, Tomigo’s system notifies all the employees connected. The employees can then see the description of the job and share it through their social media accounts. They can either see who they know and refer, or if they have little time, they can use the option of automatically sharing the job opening with all their contacts. If a candidate is interested, they can apply through the employee’s shared link.

Rewarding the employee

The workforce does not always remain objective, especially when it comes to competing for a job. However, Tomigo has thought this through as well. The company provides as much incentive for the employees to participate as they do for the employers. “The candidate’s application link is connected to the employee who shared the job opening. When a specific candidate is hired for the job, the employee gets rewarded. There is a lot of gamification involved in the process,” Gal Aga, Sales Director, tells NoCamels.

At the same time, Tomigo also ensures that employees are comfortable using the system. The company only uses certain data from the employees’ social media profiles. Moreover, the employee can choose what processes they want to be involved in. Their system is based on a standard privacy platform which they abide by during the recruitment process.

When there’s a need, there’s a way

Tal Moran, who co-founded the startup with his brother Nimrod Moran after gaining some experience in the industry, says: “I’ve been working in the startup industry for a long time and they always try to find new talent. I wanted to bring my friends in, so I decided to explore. I found that there was a real problem with finding and locating the right new employee for a company,” Moran tells NoCamels.

The startup was based on the understanding of the power of employee referrals. “Employees know the needs and the values of the company,” notes Moran. “Today is the era of social media and everyone has connections that we acquire through our education or work. So, why not use what we have?”

The numbers speak for themselves

According to the founders, there was a 30 percent increase in referral rates among their customers and certain companies had saved up to 70 percent of their recruiting budget, not to mention time by avoiding recruitment agencies. They also found striking results among the employees, engagement and involvement having increased by over 200 percent.

Tomigo’s clients include Reuters and Siemens, L’Oréal, Matrix, and several pharmaceutical companies.

Both Tal Moran and Nimrod Moran have years-worth of experience in the startup industry, being previously involved in HR management systems and programming. Both hold double degrees in computer sciences and business administration and founded their first startup at the age of 16.

Tomigo has big plans for the future, namely entering the US market and working with big corporations in that region, as well as launching mobile apps on all smartphones for more efficient use of their system.

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