24me 2.0: The Calendar That Says It Knows What You Need Before You Do

By NoCamels Team November 25, 2013 Comments

We’ve covered 24me, a personal-assistant app, in the past. The app was designed to serve as a smart calendar, allowing you to assign tasks to others and perform some tasks, such as paying bills, from within the app. Now, 24me has launched its new and improved version, dubbed 2.0, which, according to company, is so efficient, it knows what you need to do before you do.

According to 24me, the app “connects to your real life by linking to your utilities, service providers, banks, social network and calendars and then automatically tells you what you need to do and helps you take care of things from within the app.”

But Liat Mordechay, CMO and co-founder, is undaunted. She tells NoCamels: “24me version 2.0 is a breakthrough concept, providing a one-stop-shop to manage daily life: a smart predictive calendar unified with an automatic task manager with the ability to navigate to meetings from the calendar, pay bills, outsource errands, send real gifts and much more.”

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The major improvement from the previous app is the app’s learning capabilities. Over time, 24me 2.0 studies your habits and routines, until eventually – it says it knows what you want to do before you do. This of course entails pretty regular data gathering by the app, which means some invasion of privacy, but 24me says this is a relatively small price to pay for an app that claims to know your schedule better than you.

Mordechay calls it a “one stop shop” and tells NoCamels that the new version also includes navigation capabilities: “The smart calendar enables navigation using Apple maps, Google maps or Waze,” she tells NoCamels.

24me syncs with any existing calendar you might be using, such as Google Calendar, Yahoo! or Outlook Exchange. The company says that their automatic task manager connects to the different parts of the user’s life, automatically generates reminders and enables one tap completion to pay bills, outsource errands, greet people and send gifts for special events –all from within the app.

“This is our biggest version yet. It’s aimed at people from all over the world,” Mordechay tells NoCamels. “The whole concept of 24me is to make life simpler and easier,” she concludes.

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