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New Initiative Brings High Hopes For Canada-Israel-US Cannabis Tech Partnerships

Can Innovation Founder launched this past summer to promote tech and innovation partnerships between licensed Canadian cannabis producers and the Israeli ecosystem, and is now launching operations in the US.
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6 Israeli Companies At The Forefront Of Diabetes Care, Prevention, And Treatment

To mark World Diabetes Day, NoCamels looks at some of Israel’s most innovative diabetes-related technologies, from insulin injection replacements to blood glucose meters and tissue engineering.
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Intel Israel GM: Data Is The Lifeblood Of Future Innovations

Israel is poised to be behind major breakthroughs in data transfer and analytics that will drive future innovations in medicine, transportation, and security, and many other fields, says Intel's general manager in Israel in an exclusive guest post on NoCamels.
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Israeli Scientists Engineer Tissue Implants Using Patients' Own Cells

Researchers at Tel Aviv University say they have developed technology to engineer any type of tissue for transplantation from patients' own biomaterials and cells, greatly reducing the risk of rejection.
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Italian Automotive Giant Adler Pelzer Group To Scout For Israeli Auto Tech In New Deal

The group is opening a research center in Israel aimed at identifying companies and innovative technologies that complement its business activities.
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