Gemsense’s Innovative Tech Turns Objects Into Virtual Reality Experiences

By David Shamah, The Times of Israel September 29, 2015 Comments

This article was first published on The Times of Israel and was re-posted with permission.

A video driving game is nice, but even when fully engaged in the experience, players realize that it’s just a game. For a true all-encompassing experience, you need a true virtual environment.

But that’s only achievable with complicated augmented and virtual reality programming techniques, and expensive AR or VR glasses – making the dream of developing a killer AR/VR app out of reach for most developers.

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Unless developers utilize the “instant AR/VR” system invented by Israeli start-up Gemsense.

“It’s a tiny computer, developed by us, as the first plug and play controller device for AR and VR,” said Jonathan Schipper, a co-founder of the company. “With our system on a chip (SoC), developers can turn any ordinary item into a 3D experience that fully engages all the senses.”

AR and VR have been touted for the past half decade as “the next big thing,” even before IoT (Internet of Things) became the new “next big thing” a couple of years ago. Unlike IoT, which can now claim a slew of Internet-connected items already on the market — such as front doors, refrigerators, cars and washing machines — AR/VR has remained behind, more of a novelty than a game-changer, except at the higher-end of the gaming business.

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The Oculus Rift (which is still under development, as it has been since 2012) and similar products, expected to cost around $500, will allow gamers with deep pockets to enjoy games on their TV-connected gaming systems, like Xbox One (which, if they don’t already have one, will cost gamers another $500).

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