Cimagine Shows What The Future Of Shopping Looks Like With Augmented Reality App

By Sean Sade, NoCamels March 24, 2014 Comments

Ever been in a furniture store and wondered if a particular sofa would fit in your living room? Or sat at home leafing through an IKEA catalog and wondered if that nice lamp would look good with your wallpaper?

With augmented reality app Cimagine, you can now import product photos from the web or from catalogs onto your mobile device and preview the way they would look in your home.

As Nir Daube, VP of products says, Cimagine “brings your home to the store and your store to your home.”

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Cimagine displays objects in 3D and in 360 degrees, and scaled to fit the dimensions of your home, using a tablet or smartphone camera and sensors.

“Our technology uses a combination of internal sensors in the mobile device and image processing that continuously scans the environment the camera sees, resulting in a near reality visualization of the product using live video and saved scenes,” said Daube.

The augmented reality content can be accessed by clicking a button near the product image on a retailer’s website. App users can then choose the for the virtual furniture by having the app scan the area (for example, an empty living room). The virtual product will then appear on the screen and can be moved to the exact intended space.

The Cimagine system will also work with printed catalogs and magazines, using advanced image recognition.

But the first step for Cimagine will be to get retailers on board  to integrate Cimagine’s augmented reality system into their online or print catalogs. App users will need to upload the app only once, however, and not separately for each store or retailer.

The app will first be available for iOS devices in the UK and Israel next month, and later for Android devices. Daube says his startup is currently in talks with major retailers in those countries.

Photo: Cimagine

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