Israeli Creative Director Becomes International Instagram Star With These Photos

By Maya Yarowsky, NoCamels July 18, 2014 Comments

The world of Instagram is made up of millions of users who are constantly looking for innovative and unique ways to let their creative flag fly. And while the majority of users will never achieve Instagram fame no matter how many times they post, the clever images shot by one Israeli attracted the undivided attention of Instagram representatives, making him an Internet and social media superstar almost overnight.

Meet Dudi Ben Simon, a creative director living in Tel Aviv, who has a habit of capturing impeccable Instagram photographs in his spare time. In photographs that appear as delicate optical illusions, Dudi takes everyday objects like bowls, leaves and green beans out of their regular contexts, blending them with other objects to create something new and extraordinary.


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As Dudi explains, the idea for his unique style of photography came to him entirely out of the blue when he was looking at a pile of bowls on the counter that reminded him of a sleeve, “while sitting on the couch, I saw a pile of bowls on the counter; it looked to me like a sleeve, the next day I look a picture of it.” Dudi’s novel artistic vision to remove objects from their normal contexts is what intrigued an Instagram representative to invite the artist to the company’s London office for an interview. As he reports to Israel’s “Holes In The Web”, “I didn’t really understand what she wanted from me. She said that she discovered my Instagram account and that the company wants to write an article about me.”


Overnight, Dudi claims that his Instagram account (dudibensimon) became a ‘loony bin’; from 800 followers to thousands within a couple of hours, Dudi now has an international audience of over 14,000 followers, a number that continues to grow as we write. However, Dudi seems to be taking his newly won Instagram stardom modestly, asserting that he is not sure if he is ready to leave his day job for an exciting life of artistic conquests, “I am thinking about doing an exhibition and I have received some offers to purchase my photographs and to integrate them into the world of fashion. I am thinking about creating a conceptual design website, and I am open to suggestions.”





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Photos: Dudi Ben Simon

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