Triangular Foldable Barbecue To Revolutionize Campers’ Eating Habits

By NoCamels Team February 09, 2014 Comments

There’s nothing quite like a good camping trip, but while most of us imagine roasting marshmallows on an open fire, we usually make do with home-made sandwiches.

That’s why Israeli designer Roee Magdassi, whose countrymen are notoriously hooked on camping, created a practical portable barbecue, dubbed Stakes, that makes it easy to cook in the great outdoors.

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Stakes barbecue

The design is simple: a triangular grill that can be rolled and three stakes to anchor it to the ground. The cooking itself is supposed to be done on an open flame, which is usually easy to come by when camping.

Magdassi explains that while anyone can put a hotdog on a stick and roast it on a bonfire, when it comes to things like steaks, burgers and chicken wings, a barbecue is essential.

Magdassi, currently a fourth-year student at Bezalel Academy of Arts in Jerusalem, designed Stakes in his second year and claims he has received several offers to manufacture it. “Since word got out, I’ve been approached by several hundred people wanting to buy [Stakes] and there are also a few retailers that approached me,” Magdassi told Israeli tech blog Holes in the Net.

“The plan is to have it out there as soon as possible,” he says.

However, currently Magdassi only has a couple prototypes, so you still might have to pack hotdogs and marshmallows for your next trip and leave the fillet mignon at home.

Photos: Roee Magdassi

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