24me: Personal Assistant App Helps You Get Things Done

By Elana Widmann, NoCamels December 18, 2012 Comments

Did you ever wish for a personal assistant? Someone who would make your life’s seemingly endless to-do’s more manageable? 24me is an application that helps organize and manage your many chores, including paying bills from within the app and assigning tasks to other people.

Gilad Hertanu and Liat Mordechay Hertanu, a married couple from Israel, founded 24me in January 2012. Liat tells NoCamels: “We thought of 24me because it was very difficult for us to juggle careers, family life, and be able to manage and organize everything. We needed one place that would tell us what was happening with our lives and help us get things done!”

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After downloading the iPhone app, users could sign up via email and can optionally connect with Facebook. However, sign up is no mandatory to use the app. Users can then add tasks and reminders, which can come in the form of notes, pictures and voice recordings. In addition, the application syncs with the iPhone’s contacts to allow users to complete emails or calls without leaving the application.

“The app is a personal assistant which connects to your life and automatically creates those alerts with the ability to complete your tasks within the app,” says Liat. Within a task, users can choose to make it a priority, set a due time, add an extra alarm, label it, and add notes. Once a task is completed, user can either delete it completely or put a strike though it, like a traditional to-do list.

Integration with TaskRabbit

Through the “Share Tasks” setting, users can also share a task with other people. For example, you can add a grocery list as a task and share it with roommates or a spouse. The tasks are synced in real time, so that all parties see updates to the task.

The application also has a “Get Done” option that allows users to hire someone to complete a task for them. “Get Done” is integrated with TaskRabbit, a website and mobile app where users can outsource small jobs and tasks to others in the neighborhood. Users put in their location, the task, and a price they are willing to pay, and then the system finds a willing “doer”. “TaskRabbit seems to really love what we do. They are sending our name to their users. In order for 24me to truly be a one-stop-shop for completing tasks, we connect you to someone who can complete a task for you. You can even pay them through our application,” Liat tells NoCamels.

Besides task completion, the 24me application has a “my links” section which connects users’ friends, service providers, and financials into the app. The application can be connected to Facebook, and will remind users about upcoming birthdays. Giftcards, eCards, and Facebook posts can all be sent from within the app.

Pay your bills easily and on time

24me says it is also connected to thousands of service providers and financial institutions in the US, including big names such as Bank of America, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Direct TV, Comcast, Cablevision, and Citi Bank among others. Users must first link in their service provider accounts, and then 24me automatically creates “Pay Bill” tasks, and then lets users pay the bill within the app. “Our servers use bank level security when dealing with payments and accounts. We work hard to be convenient and secure,” Liat tells NoCamels.

There are many other task managers and personal assistant applications on the market, such as Evernote or iPhone’s Siri. However, the 24me team believes they are unique because they are a hybrid of these two types of applications. “There is competition with task manager tools and other personal assistant tools. But we took [24me] to a different place. While our application looks like a to do list, we have the connectivity not many other applications do.”

Eventually, the company hopes to extend the automation and capabilities of the app: “We want to extend automation to other parts of life. We want to enable the user to access data from everywhere” Liat says.

The application launched for the iPhone just a few weeks ago, and the company is working to bring the app to other platforms soon. 24me is currently free and is testing the market before deciding on a business model. “We want to first generate and see new users, and get good feedback,” says Liat.  So far, 24me has more than 55,000 users, and is focused on growing in the US.

“We have a simple to use product that people like”

24me is currently relying on the Apple Appstore rankings to market their service. “We have done no marketing, but so far we are very happy with our number [of users]. Moreover, we are happy about engagement. The retention rate for the application is high. The average session time is one minute and 40 seconds,” Liat says. The application has been featured in the Apple Appstore in many countries around the world. Liat reports that 24me was ranked #5 in most essential apps in US Apple Appstore.

24me was tested at the NoCamels office. Despite minor glitches which are expected on a beta version, its user layout is simple and appealing, and the application overall has interesting new features.

The company has a team of seven based out of Israel. 24me is a self-funded venture and is currently looking for additional funding. 24me is available for iPhone. An Android version is in the works. The app currently enables connection with service providers in the U.S.

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