Post-Fossil Exhibition: Contemporary Art Through Primitive Notions

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The Israeli Design Museum of Holon’s exhibition: “Post Fossil: Excavating 21st Century Creation” shows the works of 60 contemporary artists from around the world.   They illustrate how the design of the future can be inspired by the archaic aesthetics, organic materials and poetic techniques of the past.

Galit Gaon, chief curator of the Museum said the exhibition “has assembled a selection of future fossils, based on the understanding that one of the best ways to study design is through the analysis of archaeological relics. In contrast to the common perception of future design as technological and interactive, “Post Fossil” enables us to examine the future by gazing back to the past and to re-experience the primal encounter between man, matter and basic forms.”

The show will run in the Design Museum of Holon until April 30th, 2011.

Photos by Eva Levin

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