Israel-Singapore Partnership Sires $5 Devices To Detect Dengue Fever, Strokes

By Urvashi Verma, The Times of Israel April 01, 2018 Comments

This article was first published by The Times of Israel and is re-posted with permission.

BGN Technologies, the technology arm of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, is developing a $5 device that can diagnose dengue fever and stroke symptoms. The device is being created in collaboration with Singapore-based firm Biosensorix.

The joint development is a biosensor that can detect the composition of chemicals in the blood to diagnose diseases within minutes, eliminating the need to send blood and tissues samples to the lab.


Immunosensors or biosensors are medical devices that measure the levels of chemicals in the bloodstream by detecting the electrical currents created due to interaction between enzymes. Based on the presence and quantity of specific chemicals, medical staff can determine the existence and severity of a disease.

While several kits exist in the market today that can be used at home or in clinics to diagnose diseases, the new kit is a “breakthrough” because it can quickly measure the level of a biomarker very cheaply, said Luka Fajs, CEO of Biosensorix.

“We are trying to decentralize medicine by allowing patients to test themselves at home and receive immediate test results at a very low cost to healthcare providers, eliminating the need for lab testing,” said Fajs.

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The kit can diagnose dengue fever, a disease caused by a virus transmitted from mosquitoes most commonly found in Southeast Asia and South America. The quick diagnosis enables medical staff to start treating patients without needing to wait for lab results, the company says.

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