Israeli Power Duo: ‘Wonder Woman’ Gal Gadot Joins Forces With Tech Company Wix In Super Bowl Ad

By Yonatan Sredni, NoCamels January 19, 2017 Comments

The most-watched American sporting event of the year, the Super Bowl, will be packing an extra punch this year thanks to a new action-filled commercial starring Israeli actress Gal Gadot, who also plays Wonder Woman in the much-anticipated upcoming Warner Brothers movie.

According to Wix, the Israeli company that enables anyone to easily create their own website, the 30-second ad (for which the FOX TV network is said to be charging over $5 million) will be broadcast in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl 51, which will be held February 5 in Houston, Texas. The ad is part of a broader campaign Wix is launching using YouTube Live and Facebook Live.

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Gal Gadot, Wix, Super Bowl

The Wix campaign features a series of short films, including the Super Bowl commercial, directed by Louis Leterrier, best known for his work on the action-adventure Transporter films, Unleashed, The Incredible Hulk, Clash of the Titans and Now You See Me. The films will star Gadot, who will be portraying Wonder Woman in a movie set to be released this June, alongside another “The Fast and the Furious” alum, British actor Jason Statham.

The first of the videos was released by Wix yesterday, and additional videos will be released in the days leading up to the big game. The main, 30-second TV spot, which will air during the Super Bowl, is still under wraps.

In the first Wix video of the series, Gadot and Statham fight bad guys in a restaurant while an unaware young chef is sitting in the kitchen diligently working on his website using Wix. The commercial ends with the tagline, “To succeed in a disruptive world, Wix makes it easy to create your own website.”

“The hero of the story is our customer”

According to Wix CMO Omer Shai, “the Super Bowl is an incredible platform to showcase our talents. Fans around the world will surely recognize some famous faces, but the hero of the story is really our customer. It is an ongoing narrative about Wix and our customers, and our message about always enabling our users in a world that is often disruptive, so that they can be heroes.”

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This will be the third consecutive year that a Wix commercial will be shown during the Super Bowl. Last year’s Wix ads were a cross-promotional effort for DreamWorks Animation’s Kung Fu Panda 3; in 2015, Wix’s Super Bowl ads featured former NFL stars.

98 million users – and counting

With Wix’s do-it-yourself online platform, anybody can create and publish their own websites, with easy-to-use, drag-and-drop tools and templates. Their basic design (and domain name) package is free. The company currently boasts more than 98 million registered users worldwide, and its customer base is constantly growing.

Founded in 2006 by Giora Kaplan, Avishai Abrahami, and Nadav Abrahami, Wix is headquartered in Tel Aviv, with offices in San Francisco, New York and Miami, to name a few. With a market cap of $2.2 billion, Wix’s shares trade for $52 on NASDAQ.

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