Dog Poop? It’s In The Bag! Israeli Invention ‘Piqapoo’ Collects Dog Droppings, With No Mess

By Yonatan Sredni, NoCamels November 06, 2016 Comments

Having a dog can be wonderful, except when it comes to cleaning up their poop. Most dog owners just use their hands and a plastic bag to clean up after their dogs when on walks. Sadly, many dog owners don’t clean up after their dogs at all, because it’s simply too disgusting. On top of all that, sometimes the dog’s droppings aren’t as solid as they should be, making cleaning up the mess virtually impossible.

Dog poop isn’t just a harmless nuisance, left alone it can have a significant environmental impact. Studies have shown that 20% of water pollution is caused by pet waste not picked up by the pets’ owners. Additionally, fines for leaving your dog’s poop on the ground can be hundreds of dollars in the US and up to 1000 pounds in the UK.

Eliminating the “ick” factor from your dog walks

Seeking a better, more sanitary, solution, a group of Israeli dog owners developed Piqapoo, a simple hands-free device for collecting dog poop. Piqapoo consists of a soft clip with a durable collection bag beneath it that comfortably attaches to a dog’s tail. When your dog does its business, all the poop falls directly into the bag with no mess or leakage. With just a press of a button, dog owners can release the bag directly into the trash, making cleanup quick, easy, and sanitary.

Designed with the dog’s well-being as the top priority, the team spent three years refining its design and searching for the best materials that are both durable and provide maximum comfort for their pets.

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Piqapoo clip and bag

$15,000 raised in two hours

Piqapoo is run by CEO Gideon Hazan and Co-Founders Re’em Hazan, Erez Barr, and Eli Dotan. Piqapoo launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter last week and quickly surpassed their goal of $15,00 in just two hours. For just $29, contributors can purchase one Piqapoo clip with 60 collection bags.

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Piqapoo comes in a variety of sizes to fit most dogs. The device itself is made from cushioned lightweight silicone. Piqapoo has already been tested on over 100 dogs and the makers claim it has been proven to be effective (NoCamels wasn’t able to ask the dogs what they thought). According to the company, your dog can walk and run as normal while wearing Piqapoo, and won’t even notice it’s there.

“We love our dogs,” Gideon Hazan, CEO of Piqapoo said in a statement. “The only thing we didn’t like was using our hands to pick up our dogs’ poop. The reason we’re so passionate about Piqapoo is that we all use it! It works, and it has made dog walking a way more enjoyable part of our day.”

piqapoo-dog Also works for dogs of the visually impaired

Additionally, Hazan says Piqapoo is a great solution for individuals with disabilities. “People who are visually impaired can easily feel where to attach the Piqapoo to their dogs. For others who have a hard time bending down to clean up after their dogs, they can now simply detach the device from their dogs tail and throw out the disposable waste bag,” he says.

No more pooper scoopers

Other dog waste collection devices currently on the market are riddled with problems. Scoopers are big and clunky, and don’t work for the runny kind of poop. Fitted devices are often uncomfortable for the dogs, and can be extremely time-consuming for the owners to put on their dogs. Although there are modified bags on the market, they are quite expensive and can leave traces of poop on the ground.

Piqapoo is hoping its solution will be the one that sticks – literally.  In other words, it could cut out the crap of picking up poop.

Photos and video: Piqapoo

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