Tired Of Waiting? SKEEPER App Skips The Hassle And Keeps Your Place In Line

By Meital Goldberg, NoCamels March 16, 2016 Comments

On average, people spend a year of their life waiting in line – for a table at a restaurant, in the grocery store and at the doctor’s office. Wouldn’t it be great to use that time for something more productive?

Now, Israeli mobile app SKEEPER allows you to reserve your spot via your smartphone from any location and be able to see when your turn comes up, allowing you to skip the hassle and keep your place in line.

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After downloading the free application, you can choose the business you’d like to visit. The app will then allow you to see exactly what number you are in the line and approximately how much time you’ll have to wait. In the meantime, you can go about your life and only arrive when it is your turn.

“You need to have control of your time, rather than the businesses telling you to wait,” SKEEPER co-founder and CEO Alon Schwartzman tells NoCamels.

While some individual businesses have their own apps and platforms to manage lines and appointments, SKEEPER provides the customer with one app for multiple businesses.

skeeper app

The idea for the app came up about two years ago during a breakfast meeting Schwartzman held. One of the attendees had broken the screen of her smartphone, and when asked why she had not had it fixed, she replied that the wait time for the service was not worth it.

Reducing walk-away rates by 50 percent

With 100,000 downloads, SKEEPER app has saved its customers many hours of waiting time and has helped 50 businesses to increase their profits by reducing walk-away rates by 50 percent, according to Schwartzman.

Currently, the application is primarily used by restaurants that have long lines of customers, but any business that expects waiting times longer than five minutes can use SKEEPER.

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Founded in 2014 by Schwartzman, Michal Lupu, Tal Museri and CTO Amnon David, the app currently serves some 50 businesses in Israel, and is expected to launch globally later this year.

The company declined to divulge financial information; however, Schwartzman stresses that SKEEPER already generates revenues: Each business, depending on its size, pays a monthly fee of approximately $100-$1000. Schwartzman estimates that 1,000 new businesses will join SKEEPER within the next year.

As for the customers, SKEEPER can clearly save a lot of time (and money). So now that you have some extra time – what will you do with it?

people line up for a Korean restaurant

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