‘Bringg’ Brings On-Demand Delivery Services To Small Businesses, Consumers

By Alice Menichelli, NoCamels February 01, 2016 Comments

In our on-demand society, delivery services are increasingly becoming faster and more transparent. Well-established e-commerce websites such as Amazon or eBay are known for allowing their customers to track their orders, and other large retailers and restaurants are following in their footsteps.

The Uber revolution – which started with a mobile app that allows customers to identify and track the closest taxi driver available – has now spread to almost every product and service you can imagine, from carpooling to shoes.

But what about small businesses and mom-and-pop stores that want to implement such services, but cannot afford to develop their own technology? Aiming to enable the smallest companies to implement high-tech delivery and tracking services, two Israeli entrepreneurs have founded mobile platform Bringg, which helps small businesses manage their deliveries online – just like the giant e-commerce sites.


There are many old-school businesses that “understand the changes and know they need to catch up,” says Bringg co-founder and CEO Raanan Cohen about the trickle-down effect of the Uber revolution. “The new standards for consumer experience can work for 99 percent of businesses.”

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Cohen claims that Bringg saves companies the thousands of dollars necessary to develop their own delivery platforms and get the advanced operational abilities required in an on-demand economy.

Bringg’s service starts at $150 a month for 500 monthly deliveries, and unlike courier services, it lets the business employ its own couriers, typically employees of the company. Among Bringg’s competitors are Seattle-based Glympse, and San Francisco-based Onfleet.

In essence, Bringg’s technology connects the three players involved in the delivery process – the business, the driver and the client.

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To join the service, drivers can download a mobile app similar to the one used by Uber or its rival, Israeli mobile transportation startup Gett, which allows them to manage orders and navigate to clients. Meanwhile, the business owner can use a web-based dashboard to manage both orders and drivers. No installation is needed on the clients’ side, as they simply receive a message on their phone with the link to track their order.


Bringg was founded in 2013 by Cohen and Lior Sion, former CTO of of Gett (formerly GetTaxi). With offices in New York and Tel Aviv, Bringg’s service is now available in 50 countries. The company has so far raised $7.5 million in two investments rounds led by Ituran, an Israeli provider of tracking services for vehicles.

The idea behind Bringg is simply to enable businesses to offer an Uber-like experience to their clients. Says Sion: “If Gett works, I don’t see why I can’t track my pizza delivery in real time.”

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