Meet The Israelis Behind The Coldplay-Beyoncé Hit Music Video

By Alice Menichelli, NoCamels February 22, 2016 Comments

When Coldplay announced its new single would feature Beyoncé, it was no surprise that ‘Hymn for the Weekend,’ the third track on the band’s latest album ‘A Head Full of Dreams,’ rocketed to the top of the charts, with its video clip garnering over 65 million views on YouTube in just three weeks.

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Jody Rosen of Billboard called it ‘the album’s grooviest,’ and the music video is just that: Flower power, Indian ashrams, Beyoncé in goddess gold, and stellar special effects made possible by an Israeli film studio.

Shot in October 2015, the video captures the breathtaking scenes in and around Varanasi, Mumbai and Kolkata. The British rock band wanted to capture the richness of Indian culture, and in the video, temples and street scenes come shining through in full color.

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Yet, the visual effects such as fireworks and psychedelic backgrounds were added in post-production by Tel Aviv-based Yashinski Studio, where the 10-person strong team spent about 12 weeks working frame-by-frame on the animations and visual design.

YASHINSKI Studio | Visual-Effects Reel from YASHINSKI Studio on Vimeo.

In film-making, VFX stands for visual effects, the processes of manipulation of images that were not shot in live action. They include footage that would be impossible or impracticable to capture on camera, as well as animation and computer-generated imagery.

Founded by Yaron Yashinski in 2008, Yashinski Studio has become one of the leading VFX experts, designing special visual effects for adverts for TV series ‘The Voice’ and ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians,’ as well as for Coca Cola and Samsung. The studio has also won a variety of accolades at the New York and Chicago Film Festivals.

Given the studio’s latest praise and publicity, chances are it will soon be producing more videos for film, TV and digital platforms. Stay tuned.

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