3D Fashion Designer Danit Peleg Takes Tyra Banks And US By Storm

By Maya Yarowsky, NoCamels October 08, 2015 Comments

Just recently NoCamels discovered Israeli 3D fashion talent Danit Peleg. Barely a month later, none other than US supermodel and TV star Tyra Banks is one of Peleg’s biggest fans.

Banks is said to be so taken with the young Israeli’s home-printed designs that Peleg will make an appearance on Tyra Banks’ new talk show “FABLife” or “Tyra Presents FABLife” to showcase her unique designs on October 12th.

Tyra Banks reportedly reached out to Peleg after news of her entirely 3D printed collection went viral, with publications appearing in the “The New York Times” and “The Wall Street Journal,” as well as on Hollywood personality Kylie Jenner’s blog. Peleg, a design graduate of Israel’s Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, created the impressive 3D printed collection for her final university project, including five full outfits that took over 2,000 hours to print.

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Peleg’s collection on FABLife models.

“My goal was to create a ready-to-wear collection printed entirely at home using printers that anyone can get,” said Peleg. Inspired by Eugène Delacroix’s painting, “Liberty Leading the People”, Peleg wanted to challenge herself in creating a collection that could be manufactured entirely on home-scale 3D printers.

To complete the project, she used Witbox 3D printers as well as a 3D rendering software called “Blender”. She also received advice from leading 3D printing experts at TechFactoryPlus and XLN, located in Israel. She experimented with a number of different printing materials until she pinpointed FilaFlex as the most precise and flexible material that could be made to look like fabric.

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According to Peleg, the five outfits she 3D printed for her project are just the beginning of a much larger conceptual change in the world of fashion – in which everyone is their very own in-house designer. “Just imagine the potential…If you’re cold, print your own jacket. Traveling with no luggage? Just print your clothes in the hotel room. Will we soon be able to design, share and print our own clothes directly from home?”


Peleg watching the episode rehersal.

This kind of thinking is what brought Banks to fly Peleg out to Los Angeles to appear in a six-minute segment on her show “FABLife,” which stands for “Fun and Beautiful.” The talk show is a soundboard for the latest in fashion, food and celebrity gossip hosted by Banks and model Chrissy Teigen, among others.



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