The Top 10 Startups To Visit During DLD’s Open Startup Event Tel Aviv

By Yuval Haimovits, NoCamels September 15, 2014 Comments

DLD Tel Aviv

Israel’s Innovation Week (also sometimes known as DLD, which is the main event) is an amazing opportunity to witness Tel Aviv’s energy at its peak. At the Open Startup Event, startups across the city will open their doors to the public for a fun and interesting glimpse behind the scenes. If you want to know what the Startup Nation is really about and get to know the companies that keep it thriving, we’ve handpicked what we think are the coolest startup companies to visit during Open Startup Event.

The Open Startup Event will take place on Tuesday, September 17 from 18:00-23:00 at various locations throughout Tel Aviv. To find out which startups are participating and their locations, go here:

Company: Feex | Where: “The Library”, 9 Ahad Ha’am St ( Shalom tower)

Technology News: Waze Founder's 'FeeX' Raises $3M To Help You Avoid Hidden Retirement Fees

FeeX, by Waze co-founder Uri Levine, shows you the real accounts of others with similar financial characteristics. For example, it might show you users in similar employment or who have invested the same amount in their 401(k) plans. After linking up your own account, the platform places you on a “Sucker Meter” based on how much you pay in extra fees. After seeing the comparison, users can either confront their current service providers about lowering fees or switch to a different company.

Company: Soluto | Where: 39 Rotchild Blvd , 1st Floor

 Team 2014

Soluto started out as a cloud-based solution that allows people to help each other manage and fix their devices. While the initial focus was on PCs, Soluto later expanded its services into other devices like tablets and smartphones. In April, Soluto also started to offer services to small and medium businesses. In October 2013, Soluto was acquired by device insurance company Asurion for a reported $130 million.

Company: Wibbitz | Where: Montefiore 27, 2nd floor


Wibbitz provides a text-to-video technology that can automatically turn any text-based article, post or feed on the web into a video. Videos can also be shared on Facebook, posted as a link on Twitter, or embedded in a web page.

Company: JoyTunes | Where: 43 Ha-Natsiv St

Joytunes ipad screenshot piano game

JoyTunes works with music educators to “change the way people learn musical instruments and inject the passion of music into everyday lives.” In January, its app Piano Mania became one of the most popular apps on the US app store.

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Company: Yevvo | Where: 3 Levontin St

Technology News - Yevvo: Will Micro-Broadcasting Overthrow Twitter's Micro-Blogging?

Yevvo allows users to can go live by pressing one button and every friend who follows them will be instantly sent a feed of their live video stream. User’s friends can comment on their stream and even re-stream their point of view to their followers.

Company: Emaze | Where: 6 HaNehoshet St, 3rd floor ( THE TIME office)

Technology News: With $800K In The Bank Emaze Want To Reinvent Presentation Design

Emaze is like the next generation of presentations, allowing users to create complex and impressive presentations in minutes. With emaze users can create presentations in virtual 3D worlds or simply in slides like PowerPoint, and it’s very easy to use.

Company: Doomoro | Where: 39 Rothschild Blvd , 2nd Floor


DOOMORO is a marketplace for immediate online services that brings the Same Day Delivery concept to the services world. By connecting people who need immediate online services with what it calls “5 star freelancers”, DOOMORO provides same-day delivery of services such as design, writing, translation, programming, video editing and animation.

Company: The Bitcoin emBassy TLV | Where: 1 Ahuzat Bayit St

The Bitcoin emBassy TLV

The emBassy is a physical venue for all things bitcoin and functions as open source social code, enabling a bitcoin economy in the startup nation. It even has a bitcoin ATM, where you can buy bitcoins for cash under NIS 1,000.

Company: TabTale | Where: 24 Raul Valenberg St, Building D, 4th floor


TabTale is a developer and publisher of games and applications for smartphones and tablets, with over 400 million downloads and 26 million monthly active users. TabTale’s key franchises include the Baby Series, Paint Sparkles, and Doctor X.

Company: Spot.IM | Where: 2 Har Sinai St (Behind the big synagogue)

Spot.IM, by Ishay Green, who was also one of the founders of Soluto, enables visitors to connect to one another within your site, creating a loyal community that shares common passions and interests.

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