Yevvo App For iPhone Debuts A New Take On Live Micro Broadcasting

By Sarah Perez, TechCrunch August 14, 2013 Comments

Newly launched mobile broadcasting app Yevvo has a different idea about how live mobile video apps should work. Instead of focusing only on a social model where users find and follow other people on the service, Yevvo users can also follow places in the real world, as well as events. Beyond its own walls, the app mainly targets the Twitter ecosystem and is designed to be push-button simple. One tap and slide and your entire Twitter network is alerted that you are live and on-air.

Yevvo’s focus is just on live video for now. Currently, only the broadcaster can save the video to his or her iPhone library when the video ends, but more options will be added in the future.

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Today, there are, of course, a number of tools for recording and sharing live video. Services like Ustream, Livestream,, and Microsoft/Skype-acquired Qik led the live broadcasting spaces for years, targeting a range of end users from the everyday Joe and Jill up to professional broadcasters and businesses. More recently, Google stepped up its game here, too, with its Google+ Hangouts “On Air” feature, which lets users broadcast to the Google+ network, YouTube and any other website where the video is embedded.

But Yevvo CEO Ben Rubin explains that his company’s goal is to not just advance the technology around live video (a Google Glass app is in the works, for example), but also create a social culture within Yevvo where users interact around those streams. Watchers who follow specific places or people can like and comment on the stream to give feedback, or “re-stream” the live video to their own followers, similar to how users on Twitter retweet others’ posts on their own timeline, allowing for a more viral distribution of the recordings.

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