This Designer’s Jewelry Is Inserted Under Your Skin To Harvest Energy From Blood Flow

By Maya Yarowsky, NoCamels August 20, 2014 Comments

As many of the world’s resources continue to deplete, scientists and engineers alike are coming up with alternative energy sources to power the future, but none as creative as Naomi Kizhner’s solution.

Israeli industrial designer Kizhner thought up a futuristic and fashionable way to harvest the body’s biological wealth—the energy generated in blood and electricity flow through the body. In her “invasive” jewelry line entitled ‘Energy Addicts,’ Kizhner expresses her hope that blinking eyes and blood flow will charge the technology of the future, possibly even the very near future.

closeupneckEyes, mind and blood are the fuel of the future

Kizhner’s line of strangely beautiful sustainable jewelry contains three pieces that each harness electricity from a different bodily function. ‘The Blinker’ is a symmetrical piece that wraps tightly around the bridge of the nose between the eyebrows to generate electricity from blinking. Another piece, the ‘E-Pulse Conductor’ is placed at the base of the neck along the spine and creates electricity from the neurological system. Lastly, and maybe the most sci-fi of them all is the ‘Blood Bridge.’ This gadget is inserted in the forearm below the wrist, harvesting electricity from the blood pumped through the veins by turning a little wheel that converts the energy into a resource.

eyepiecebloodgeneratorAll of the pieces are welded from gold, a 3D-printed biopolymer and have a little needle at the end to penetrate the skin. Although the ‘Energy Addicts’ collection may be too morbid of a gift to give those you care about, and the idea may not have too many practical applications for energy generation, these pieces of jewelry are really meant to get us thinking about the future.

closeupeyepieceneedle“I hope that the project will make people think about the possibility that this could be their future, and make them think about whether it is the future they want or whether we can do something different today to avoid it,” Kizhner told Dezeen Magazine.

Kizhner’s project ‘Energy Addicts’ was created as part of her graduation project at Jerusalem’s Hadassah College.

Photos: Shahar Tamir

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