These Hats Look Good Enough To Eat – Literally

By NoCamels Team May 12, 2014 Comments

There are a lot of similarities between great chefs and great fashion designers: both require a keen sense of taste, both involve great passion and, for the masters in each field, the creator’s personal signature is always apparent to connoisseurs. Israeli hat designer Maor Zabar has combined both areas with a collection of hats that look simply delicious!

Zabar’s mouthwatering headpieces were inspired by his own personal story. According to website Greenprophet, after Zabar was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, he started watching what he ate, and then came up with the idea to combine food with his life-long passion – hats! “There is nothing I adore more than to let my imagination fly. To design colorful, fantastical hats, fascinators and other head couture,” he says on his online shop.

Each hat is custom-made by hand, using mostly felted wool. “I never make the same piece twice so you can be sure your purchase is truly unique,” Zabar says.

Zabar is a graduate of the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. When he’s not making wearable omelets, this proverbial “mad hatter” designs headpieces and other costumes for theater and opera.

Photos: Maor Zabar on Facebook

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