Meet Sensibo: The Attachment That Will Revolutionize Your Aircon

By Avner Meyrav, NoCamels May 20, 2014 Comments

If it weren’t for Willis Carrier’s invention of the air conditioner in 1902, the scorching hot summer months in warm climate countries would be close to unbearable. So it’s is only fitting that the latest innovation in the realm of air conditioning would come from Israel.

Meet Sensibo, the greatest thing to happen to climate control since the introduction of the remote-controlled AC.

Sensibo’s system works with virtually every brand and every AC (as long as it can be remote controlled), is a breeze to install (pun intended) and best of all – makes any AC smarter and more efficient. Although similar solutions have been introduced in the past, Sensibo, which today launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, claims it offers key advantages that set it apart from the competition.

The concept is basic: you attach the smartphone-controlled pod to your unit and install the app on your smartphone or tablet. The device works with your Wi-Fi network using Zigbee technology and iBeacon Bluetooth technology which enables control for multiple air conditioners from different devices.

The startup’s video will make you crack up:

The Sensibo team

However, there’s more to Sensibo than just remote-controlling your AC. With geo fencing, Sensibo is able to know when users are on their way home and can turn on their air conditioner beforehand.

Sensibo will retail at $159, but early adopters can get it for as little as $79 on the campaign and either way, it won’t cost more than $99 on Indiegogo.

Save up to 40 percent of energy consumption

The company claims that, without compromising on comfort, Sensibo is able to save users an average of 40 percent in AC energy consumption, since it can automatically turn on and off at set times and regulate the temperature automatically. The technology also sends notifications to users to let them know when it’s time to clean or change their filters.

The startup was founded in January 2014 by Omer Enbar (CEO) and Ran Roth (CTO). “Omer already operated his AC using his laptop years ago,” Roth tells NoCamels. About a year ago, the two decided to create the smartphone enabled device: “We love the whole idea of the smart-home – it is a fascinating and interesting subject.”

Something cool for the crowds

To raise funds to mass-produce their product, the company decided to turn to the crowds and just launched a campaign on Indiegogo, with the aim to raise $70,000. “We want to use the community, it is a matter of ideology,” Roth tells NoCamels, “we want their help in defining what features are important to them.

“We’ve been working on it for over a year, and we still have six months [before the first units ship out] to finalize the R&D before mass-production,” says Roth. Another aspect that might make sensibo more appealing to the more tech-savvy crowd is the fact that the company will introduce a developer’s kit: “We are very interested to see what people will do with it,” Roth tells NoCamels.

“We saw a huge opportunity to bring smart technology to the majority of the world’s AC systems, filling a critical gap in the market without asking users to go out and buy a whole new air conditioner,” said Enbar, “We believe that Sensibo will resonate with the Indiegogo community, and believe they will help make this technology widely available.”

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