Israeli Uses Ice Skating Concept And Dead Sea Salt To Create Air Con Empire

By ISRAEL21c August 11, 2013 Comments

When three Israeli brothers back from vacation decided to start a recreational ice-skating business in Israel, they came up against the obvious challenges of making ice float in the Middle East: heat, humidity and high energy bills.

Taking a slab of Dead Sea salt and inspired by the way the lowest place on earth sucks up water from the atmosphere, a new cooling idea was born.

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Dan, Tom and Mordechai Forkosh, with their father and uncle, eventually went on to build 22 slush-free ice rinks in Israel and Europe using their patented energy-saving approach.

And since 2010, their company Advantix has been applying the same basic approach — using salt and a heat pump — to take a bite out of the industrial air-conditioning systems market around the world.

Hannah Choi Granade, US-based company president, tells ISRAEL21c: “The men were familiar with the concept of using salt as a liquid desiccant [moisture-attracting drying agent]. The science was out there but no one had tried it on the market.”


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Photo: Sunrise at Dead Sea, Israel by Bigstock

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