“Eye-Catching” Art By Israeli Makeup Artist

By Johanna Weiss, NoCamels February 25, 2014 Comments

They say that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” but when it comes to Tal Peleg’s work, the eye itself is the beauty. Peleg is an artist with an unconventional canvas, her own eye, which she turns into a different art piece every week.

While the paint itself is washed off, the pictures taken by Peleg often go viral. Even pop star Katy Perry has tweeted about Peleg’s creations. Nevertheless, says Peleg, “I am always happy when I can wash the heavy color off again.”

Peleg’s passion for make up started young, and she pursued studies to become a makeup artists for nine months following her mandatory army service, before switching to graphic design and majoring in illustration.

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While Peleg’s day job is to do bridal makeup, photo shoots and giving personal makeup workshops, her real passion lies in the elaborate creations she comes up with once a week, and then shares on her blog. “I want to do more than do things that look pretty,  I want to tell stories”, she tells NoCamels.

Cats rule the internet

Her final product is always a very unique drawing on her own eyelid, such as a cat playing with a ball of wool, in which her eyebrow is incorporated as the cat’s tail. “The picture went viral. I received many reactions and comments on it. Even Katy Perry tweeted about it,” she tells NoCamels and with a wink, she adds: “I think it is because cats rule the internet.”

“Moved to tears”

Peleg says that sometimes she gets comments like” “this is way too much makeup” or “no one will do this in the morning.” “Of course not!” she clarifies, “it is not meant to be wearable and I would never recommend it as daily make up.”

Peleg says that her art imitates life, meaning she tells both happy and sad stories. For instance, one of her looks was inspired by the story of her grandmother, who suffers from dementia. “Dementia is a symptom where people lose their memory. So I have tried to make the eye look like the fading memory.”

“Some people told me they were moved to tears as they dwelled on it, because it made them think of loved ones with the same symptoms.”

Alongside combining makeup and art, Peleg’s work can also inspire ideas like overcoming boundaries and conflict. She gives the example of Arab newspapers that wrote about her and followers from Arab countries who give her lots of positive feedback. “It is touching to see that art can create connections between people from all over the world, even between people of so called ‘enemy countries,’” she concludes.

Photos: Tal Peleg

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