‘Photoshop Law’ Banning Retouched Photos Gets Scientific Backing

By Judy Siegel-Itzkovich, The Jerusalem Post December 12, 2013 Comments

It took then-Kadima MK Rachel Adatto two years to push through a bill banning the use of Photoshop to “remake” the images of models in advertising pictures because she needed to prove that the images and the eating disorder were linked scientifically.

Although Adatto, a gynecologist and lawyer by training, was not reelected, she now has solid evidence. Microsoft has completed research in Israel and the US that found a clear connection between the exposure of young people to overly-thin models and the development of the potentially deadly eating disorder of anorexia.

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Dr. Elad Yom-Tov, of Microsoft- Israel’s research and development center, and Dr. Dana Boyd, of its R&D center in New York, examined the connection between web searches for performers and models regarded as anorexic and the fans’ searches for websites with tips on to “how to become anorexic.”

Microsoft says this was the first peer-reviewed published study to establish such a link.

Former MK Rachel Adatto

Former MK Rachel Adatto

Adatto’s Photoshop bill became law in 2012. Besides banning the digital alteration of photos to enhance thinness in advertisements, it also bars anorexic models from posing.

Models who wish to appear in such ads have to be examined regularly by physicians to determine that their body mass index is not so low that they are seriously underweight.

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