Fiverr Makes Its ‘Gig Economy’ More Accessible With Mobile App

By Shane Cole, Apple Insider December 22, 2013 Comments

Fiverr’s marketplace, which according to the company operates in 196 countries, lets users buy services, called “gigs,” for as little as $5. Gigs range from the utilitarian, like designing a logo for a business, to the bizarre — one seller offers a 15-second video from “Jack the beatboxing chin,” with a $5 option to decorate the chin that can bring the gig’s total to $10.

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The company’s iPhone app provides quick access to what Fiverr says is a database of more than 3 million gigs, and retains crucial parts of the desktop experience like user feedback and seller ratings. Gigs are displayed as thumbnails in an infinitely-scrollable list, and users can sort by category — of which there are 120 — or use the app’s free-text search field to find a specific type of gig.

Users can also bookmark individual gigs and gather them into collections for later review, and gig updates are delivered via Apple’s push notification service.

Purchasing a gig is a one-click affair for users who already have Fiverr accounts, while new users have the option of signing up within the app. The app gives users the option of remembering their payment details to make future purchases easier.

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