Israeli Company Promotes Peace By Treating Palestinian Sewage

By Maurice Picow, Green Prophet November 24, 2013 Comments

Finding a solution to the problem of raw sewage reclamation in rural Palestinian communities continues to be an ongoing issue. A new peace project between an Israeli treatment company Mapal Green Energy and the Palestinian Authority could sweeten tensions behind a stinky problem.

When Gree Prophet covered a joint Israel-Palestinian project to tackle sewage problems in December, 2012 they reported that only 22.5 million cubic meters out of around 150 million cubic meters of raw sewage created every year is adequately treated to make it safe for reuse.

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The rest of this sewage was either stored in sewage lagoons and septic tanks, with resulting leakage into ground water aquifers; or allowed to flow directly into wadis or nearby streams.

Green Prophet recently interviewed Avraham Israeli, Chairman of the Israeli Water Board, which is involved in a project to create a sewage water reclamation system for the West Bank Palestinian village of Auja, located near the city of Jericho.

“We are starting with the small pilot project in Auja dealing with recycling domestic sewage and grey water for use in agriculture. We will later concentrate more on turning this water into that suitable for drinking,” he told Green Prophet.

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