Viewbix Leverages Online Video Into An Effective Advertising Tool

By Sophie Imas, NoCamels October 21, 2013 Comments

While video is gradually becoming the most dominant form of online media, most content producers find it hard to get viewers to watch an entire clip. But as Israeli startup Viewbix demonstrates, if you give viewers ways of engaging with the content – they stay glued to the screen.

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Viewbix is a service designed to let you add interactive apps to your videos to engage viewers and prompt calls to action. The apps can include mailing lists, links, a call button, an option to purchase or donate etc. After the video has been created, the user can then share it across the web and on social and mobile platforms. According to the company, all of this, including branding the player, can be done in just under five minutes.

Making viewers act, not just watch

“The purpose of Viewbix is to convert video viewers into action takers. We’re showing them what they can do in the video and making it much easier to accomplish,” CEO Jonathan Stefansky tells NoCamels. “For example, if a real estate agent creates a video to advertise their [property], it’s interesting. But they could make it even more interesting by adding a floor plan, an option to call the agent and more.”

With over 30 apps already integrated into their platform, users only need to configure the player while Viewbix does all of the third party integrations. “All you need to do is enter your username and password, choose the app or link you’d like to include, configure the player and you’re off and running,” says Stefansky.

More options for optimal results

But behind the screen, there are even more options for the Viewbix user. “Aside from the studio, what’s pretty awesome is that we also have the ability to add analytics. A user can then ask and see, ‘How are my videos performing?’ ‘Which apps are working?’ ‘How is the player performing and how do I optimize its performance?’” Stefansky tells NoCamels.

In terms of optimizing a video’s performance, Viewbix seems to really do the trick. Viewbix claims that on average, over 20 percent of those who are watching a Viewbix video are clicking on the apps and sharing the player. “From an end user perspective, that’s huge,” notes Stefansky.

Reinventing video advertising

The team says their main goal is to incorporate what they see as a missing link in video advertising. “Many companies were using video, but what they were missing was the ability to transform the way they used video from a passive experience to one where everyone who views their videos is transformed into customers or fans,” says Stefansky.

So far, Viewbix has been able to incorporate their platform onto third party sites such as Wix and eBay. The company has received $2.25 million in funding from King & Partners, Venture Partners and OurCrowd. They say they are currently hosting a clientele of over 60,000 businesses.

Jonathan Stefansky has extensive experience in IT, having developed internet and network infrastructure and has been working in the startup industry for the past five years.

Photo: Brunette businesswoman by Bigstock

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