NokNok Is Trying To Reinvent VoIP With Its New iPhone App

By Adam Van Heerden, NoCamels September 01, 2013 Comments

NokNok, a new mobile application developed in Israel, allows users to receive incoming international calls and make outbound international calls without charge.

Unlike Viber and Skype, only one party is required to have downloaded NokNok, which can receive and make calls to mobiles and landlines. All that is required is an Internet connection (Wifi or 3G), and some “Noks”, the application’s currency.

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How does it work?

Contrary to the usual global roaming where one is charged to receive international calls, NokNok allows users of the app, currently available on the iPhone, to receive incoming calls to their existing mobile number without charge, while overseas.

Those who call the NokNok users are charged at the regular domestic rate for the international call, according to the plan from their mobile provider.

The Nok Currency

NokNok also allows users to make international outbound calls, provided they have enough “Noks,” the equivalent of outgoing minutes.

Users initially receive ten free noks and can “earn” additional noks by sharing the application on Facebook or Twitter, or simply by using the app. The more time users spend speaking on incoming NokNok calls the more Noks they receive.

NokNok users are advised to use the application while in their home country in order to accumulate Noks for overseas trips. Nevertheless, if one is ever stuck without any noks they can click the “spoil me” button and receive seven back up Noks every month.

NokNok and hear who’s calling

NokNok claims that their caller sound quality is 50 percent better than Skype or Viber. The CEO, Idan Becher, says this is because only one needs to have the application to make phone calls. The application therefore relies on a one-sided internet connection, rather than two.

Current Availability

NokNok is available globally for free outgoing calls, but currently only supports incoming calls from Israel, the United States and Canada. The company has accumulated $500,000 since its inception in April 2012 and hopes to expand its application to Android devices and other parts of the world, so don’t be surprised when NokNok comes a knockin’.

Photo: NokNok’s Facebook page

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