Yevvo: Will Micro-Broadcasting Overthrow Twitter’s Micro-Blogging?

By Avner Meyrav (translation) March 28, 2013 Comments

Micro-blogging platform Twitter may not yet have taken Israel by storm, but a new Israeli startup is aspiring to take Twitter’s gospel to the next level – short, real-time video updates.

Meet Yevvo, an iPhone app unveiled at the SXSW conference that will allow you to update your friends about your experiences in real time, using live videos sent from your mobile device to theirs.

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In other words, it is a platform which will enable people closest to you to see your lives as you live them at a specific moment. Though the idea may not sound revolutionary, Yevvo is an app with a beautiful interface which offers high-quality video broadcasting:

So what can you do with Yevvo? Like Twitter, where you tell people what you’re doing at the moment in writing, with Yevvo you can show them. By clicking the “Go Live” button, you can film an HD video and your followers will receive an alert when the live feed begins so they can tune-in in real time.

Interestingly, Yevvo broadcasts no reruns – either you caught the feed live or you didn’t. An upcoming feature will enable you to see “flashbacks” of other people’s videos, five-second clips summarizing what you’ve missed, but nothing longer.

Like Twitter, you could choose who to follow, see who’s following you, discover other users’ videos and edit your personal profile.

Impressive interface, yet not bug-free

There are three Israeli entrepreneurs behind the app: Ben Rubin (CEO), Itai Danino (CTO) and Roi Tirosh (COO). Currently, most of the app’s users are company employees or people affiliated with them and the app still has some bugs, such as occasionally not responding instantly.

However, the app has an impressive interface and great potential. For instance, it may be used by journalists who wish to updates their readers from the field in real time, or by celebrities, who like to share their photogenic everyday lives.

The app is available for free for iOS users.

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