Sure Erasure Will Erase Data Without A Trace

By Aya Ephrati, Translated From NRG June 04, 2013 Comments

Israeli start-up Sure Erasure has developed a technology that prevents any recovery of deleted information from a computer’s hard drive. With complete deletion of information, old computers can be returned to operation instead of destroyed.

Many companies and organizations, including banks, insurance companies, defense contractors, and government agencies hold sensitive information, such as databases, personal information, and business reports. When these organizations no longer have need for certain computers, they are given to other departments or donated. Before this can be done though, it is necessary to destroy the information on the memory cards to prevent information leaks. However, lack of knowledge and familiarity with the deletion process proves challenging because currently it is possible to recover information that has supposedly been “wiped off.”

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Cases of leaked information worldwide have brought about layoffs, compensation, large lawsuits, and even the bankruptcy of companies and organizations. Today many are choosing to dispose of classified information by destroying physical components. This is an expensive and uncertain process that exposes other people to the memory hard drives of computers. In addition, disk shredding pollutes the environment – electronic waste accounts for about 70 percent of the world’s toxic pollutants.

But the situation is about to change, according to MITsy, a company that recently began marketing solutions for safe and complete deletion of sensitive disk and memory components. The company has signed an agreement to represent the Israeli startup Sure Erasure, which develops these solutions. The company says it is offering not just a technological solution, but also relieves companies of the fear from information recovery by hostile elements.

The system provides absolute deletion of data from hard disks and eliminates the possibility of data recovery. It combines software and hardware that analyze and reset all memory components and sectors within the computer. At the end of the deletion process, the Sure Erasure system provides a computerized report, signed by MITsy, that confirms the deletion. The equipment is not destroyed and becomes available for resale or donation. The process of securing information also becomes a green option that is both economically and socially feasible.

MITsy points out that the company has been certified by the Standards Institution of Israel, and meets the stringent data security standards. The company specializes in data recovery services, investigation and retention of information on all types of magnetic media. Their partnership with the Israeli company Sure Erasure indicates the high level of confidence in this new technology startup.

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