‘Big Data’ A Little Less Big, Thanks To Israel’s SiSense

By David Shamah, The Times Of Israel April 08, 2013 Comments

There’s data, and then there’s Big Data — the reams of information that are generated every second on the Internet, social media sites, database entries, and the plethora of information sources that find their way to servers and clouds, both public and private.

While the clouds in the sky may have silver linings, these tech clouds are paved with gold. The information they contain regarding spending habits, customer behavior, business inefficiencies, and loads of other stuff hidden in the reams of bits and bytes could mean big profits for those who can unlock their secrets. Most companies have to deal with between 0.5 and 100 terabytes of data, according to experts; making sense of that information is a major priority for businesses of all sizes today. And Israel’s SiSense is one of the more successful companies in the big data analytics business.

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The reason for that success is the company’s commitment to “democratizing big data analytics” — making it possible for businesses of any size to take advantage of SiSense’s capabilities, according to SiSense CEO Amit Bendov. “By utilizing state-of-the-art technology and a unique business model, we aim to completely change the current reality in which only Fortune 500 companies can benefit from high-quality, scalable business intelligence solutions,” according to Bendov. “The time has come for every company to have access to full-fledged business information capabilities without compromising on functionality, scalability, manageability, flexibility, governance, collaboration or ease-of-use.”

Analyzing big data without mortgaging your business

SiSense’s secret sauce is its Prism software, a drag-and-drop system that lets users take bits of information (sales numbers, costs, etc.) and formulate complicated queries (number of sales per zip code, neighborhood, and income level, etc.) without requiring programming or database querying. The system can plug into databases of all types (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, etc.), run reports and analytics on very large data sets, on local computers, servers, or on-line, export information into reports, manage rights to data by user, customize displays/results, and so on. In short, according to Bendov, SiSense gives that average user the tools to analyze huge reams of data without having to mortgage their businesses to hire a team of database specialists.

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Via Times of Israel
Photo: SiSense

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