For Every Bottle Sold ‘1 Mighty Mogul’ Will Donate Fresh Water In An Edible Pouch

By Aya Ephrati, NoCamels June 12, 2013 Comments

More than 780 million people lack access to clean water and 3.4 million people die from water-related diseases annually. Around the world, and especially in less developed nations, water scarcity has become an increasingly alarming problem.

With their new bottled water company, 1 MIGHTY MOGUL, Dana Solmon and her wife, Sherry Joniff Solmon, are hoping to contribute to eradicating world thirst and clean water deprivation. According to them, what’s unique about the company is twofold: they will sell high pH water, and for every bottle sold one will be donated to someone in need, packaged in a pouch that is itself edible and biodegeradable.

pH is a measure of the activity of solvated hydrogen ion in water. The pH of distilled water is 7, and solutions with a lower pH are called acidic, while those with a higher pH are referred to as basic or alkaline. 1 MIGHTY MOGUL claims higher pH water hydrates the body more easily and so less water needs to be consumed for better hydration.  The company intends to sell water with a pH of 9.5.

Buy one – donate one

The benefits of high alkaline water is still a contested issue and research has not unequivocally come to its conclusion. Despite this, 1 MIGHTY MOGUL says its impact will also be measured according to its philanthropic mission: for every water bottle sold, one 975 mL water pouch will be donated. The Solmons stated that these pouches can be packaged flat to reduce the impact of shipping large quantities across the world. More importantly, according to the Solomons, they are 100 percent biodegradable and edible – they contain essential vitamins and minerals that can help supplement an under-nourishing diet.

If this is true, a real success could be a “greening” effect on the water bottle industry which produces large amounts of waste through discarded plastic bottles, and creates a huge carbon footprint through shipping these heavy bottles around the world.

Dana expressed that “1 MIGHTY MOGUL water is about paying it forward and sharing success with those who need it most. “We want the world to realize that water, one of the basic needs to sustain life, is really a privilege when so many people in the world don’t have access to it.”

“We need to rethink what we take for granted and make better choices in our daily lives that empower humanity,” added Sherry Solomon. The Solmons say the mission behind 1 MIGHTY MOGUL is to give accountability without creating waste or increasing the world’s carbon footprint. In the spirit of this transparency, a counter will be added to the company website that will measure the number of bottle sold and shipped.

Kickstarting the water revolution

With the tagline: “One world. One Soul. New Order.” 1 MIGHTY MOGUL is planning a Kickstarter campaign with a $1 million goal till the end of July 2013 to support the “U drink: They drink” cause. The Solmons expect that with a successful campaign, the first shipment of biodegradable pouches will be out in about 18 months.

The campaign will begin by donating water in Darfur and Congo in Africa, two places deeply affected by civil wars and with little access to drinkable water. Providing water there is a lofty aspiration, but having a real impact on people’s lives will depend on many complicated factors. 975 mL of water is not even the minimum amount doctors recommend consuming per day.

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