Tel Aviv Considering Tiny Electric Car Rental

By Avner Meyrav (translation) December 27, 2012 Comments

The Tel Aviv municipality is promoting a new initiative to operate a short-term rental service of small electric cars, not unlike the existing bicycle rental service, Tel-O-Fun. The plan is in relatively early stages.

The municipality is expected to call for information soon and perform a worldwide tender in 2013. The idea is based on a Parisian one-of-a-kind service. Electric car company Bolloré, in cooperation with the Paris municipality, offers electric car rentals, in a project dubbed “Autolib“. The cars can be rented at one station and returned to a different station.

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The new initiative was revealed by the municipality’s director general, Menahem Leibe, in a press conference detailing the city’s 2013 budget. “A large population uses bicycles and that’s significant. The complementary vehicle could be an electric bike and a small electric car. All in an urban environment, not too fast moving, small and eases traveling from place to place,” Leiba told Ha’aretz.

“It’s something urban. It’s not meant for trips to Jerusalem. It’s another means of transportation for those who want to get around with a vehicle, but not for long distances.” He said that the city will use cars like the Renault Twizy, a sort-of cross between a car and a motorcycle, but stated that the car’s manufacturer will be chosen through the tender.

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Via Ha’aretz
Photo by kenjonbro

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