Moolta: Challenge Your Friends To Do Crazy Stunts For Charity

By Zoe Fox, Mashable December 26, 2012 Comments

Would you take a shower in a public fountain? What if your friends would donate $50 if you did it? A just-hatched startup called Moolta wants you to challenge your friends to do wildly crazy things, record their antics and post them to their platform.

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What’s in it for the dare accepters? The dare is a fundraiser — in most cases for charity.

“We’re a platform for combining social good and great content,” explained co-founder and CEO Noam Schwartz. “We let friends challenge each other for money or virtual points that can be redeemed for prizes, but the most important incentive is a donation to charity.”

Donations on Moolta are channeled directly to non-profits, through the startup’s partnership with FirstGiving. But there’s more to it then challenging friends and donating to charity. Schwartz says anyone can come to Moolta to see great content.

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Photo by Moolta

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