Flayvr: Israeli App Automatically Organizes Your Photos

By NoCamels Team October 17, 2012 Comments

Instagram may have turned us all into adept photographers, but it is smartphones that encouraged the masses to photograph their daily lives with their integrated cameras. For many, every event or scenery has to be documented and photo and video libraries keep growing accordingly.

The result: when looking for a picture or video, we often need to browse though thousands of photos or videos stored on our mobile device.

Flayvr is a free application that accesses your photo library and then automatically organizes your photos into separate albums and offers tools for quick, one-click sharing to social networks.

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The app organized the data by interfacing with your phone’s calendar and the photos’ location tags. For example, if you take pictures at an event that is also written in your calendar, the app will automatically name that album accordingly.

According to co-founder and CEO Ron Levy, he was inspired to create the service because it was something he needed himself. “I was walking around a lot with my kids –  I try to spend as much time with them as possible – and I experiencing these precious moments that only when you’re a parent you experience for the first time,” he told TechCrunch. “I found myself trying to capture these moments with my iPhone…but when I tried to remember them, revisit them and experience them again, I found myself stuck in these endless camera rolls.”

The albums created by Flayvr are interactive and dynamic, so you can always edit them. There is currently no possibility of moving content from one album to another, but the developers say the feature is coming.

The app allows you to share albums as an HTML5 webpage whose link can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or sent as an SMS or email.

Last week, the company finished its first financing round and raised $450,000 from Angel, including Mosh Lichtman (former president of Microsoft’s Israeli R&D), Dr. Rafi Gifron (former founder and CEO of Chromatis), Zohar Gilon and Yigal Ahuvi.

Flayvr is operating in an already crowded market full of photo-sharing apps such as Moment.me, Snapjoy, Flock, Everpix etc.

Photo by Flayvr

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