Gathering Your Social-Media Memories

By Sarah Perez - TechCrunch September 24, 2012 Comments is a new iPhone application that automatically aggregates photos, videos, and tweets from social networks, and then organizes them into multimedia albums it calls “moments.” It currently supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+, meaning it sources the content from those networks to create these moments, so you don’t have to change any of your current sharing behavior.

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The system works using a proprietary “smart-matching” technology to determine which pieces of content should be organized together. When an event is ongoing, a red “Live” banner appears, indicating that updates are still coming in.

“We saw an unfilled void in the social web,” says CEO Ronny Elkayam. “Photo and video sharing sites were popping up all over, showcasing people’s experiences, while at the same time, people were tweeting to their followers while at live public events – from concerts and parties to political rallies. However,” he adds, “there was nothing around that collected all the pics, videos, and tweets from an experience and presented them in a format where people could see 360-degree views of the entire experience.”

The 10-person company was founded in February 2012 in Tel Aviv by Elkayam, Eilon Tirosh, and Boaz Adato. In May, it took in $1.5 million in seed funding from Blumberg Capital and other private investors. Today, the R&D continues in Israel, but there’s a small office in New York.

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