BuzzDoes: New Take On Mobile App Marketing?

By Jack Lunz, NoCamels April 21, 2012 Comments

Creating a new mobile application can be a long and arduous process: Coming up with an idea, assembling and development tea, raising funds and bringing it to market. Do all that and there is still no guarantee of success. After all, no one can predict the whims of user demand.

But marketing your product properly can definitely bring you closer to that goal.

A Tel Aviv-based startup called BuzzDoes offers a new mobile marketing platform that incentivizes users to promote apps.

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Spreading the word

By means of a simple code, Buzzdoes’ technology allows for the addition of a special button to the developer’s application. This button appears on the screen of the application, based on the developer’s design.

App users who click the Buzzdoes button can recommend the application to friends from their contact or Facebook lists. Their friends then receive the recommendation by email – and in the future it will be possible to send a SMS or WhatsApp message.

The Buzzdoes screen allows users to see which apps their friends are downloading, thus adding a social element to the application search process.

Earn by sharing

Users who share the app with their friends are automatically rewarded with points that the company says can later be exchanged for cash via PayPal. Users also have the option to donate these points to charity instead.

The service is able to detect when a new user downloads an app following a recommendation he received via BuzzDoes. Users are then rewarded for every download that occurs as a result of their recommendation.

Pay per download model

Developers are billed per actual download that results from the BuzzDoes recommendation of one of the users.

BuzzDoes - Technology News - Israel

The BuzzDoes screen

The button operates as a drop-in software development kit (SDK) and can be uninstalled. The addition of the Buzzdoes’ SDK is free until the application actually receives new users. In that case, the developer must choose how much the users are going to be rewarded. The reward costs starts at $0.25 per user download and can be increased by the developer at any time. This reward will be given in the form of points to the user that recommended the app.

Assaf Kolirin, BuzzDoes founder and CEO, tells NoCamels: “Today’s app marketing methods are either expensive or inefficient; developers want useful and cost effective ways to distribute their apps.”

“I know the marketing challenges facing developers from my personal experience as an app developer in the past. I have learned how competitive it is and have therefore created an efficient solution for app exposure and distribution,” he adds. “Our apps’ social feature also serves as an advertisement area, giving a new revenue stream,” he adds.

Honored in France

With CTO Lina Bachar Kirshon as a co-founder, Buzzdoes was honored as the most promising start up in the “Lady Pitch Night” competition in France this past month. The competition was held by La Cantine (Silicon Sentier), Orange France, and Girls in Tech, which promotes entrepreneurship among women in Silicon Valley and in various countries.

Last year, Bachar Kirshon founded Buzzdoes together with Assaf Kolirin. The company unveiled its service at the Apps World conference in London, in November 2011. It has already secured $750,000 in seed funding from Proxima Ventures and angel investors in Israel and South America.

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