Conduit Introduces Branded Lock Screens For Androids

By Globes April 03, 2012 Comments

Conduit, together with several major content providers, plans to launch within a couple of weeks specialized apps for the lock screens of Android-powered devices, to enable users to directly consume designated content from the first screen they see when they open their mobile phones.

This will result in branded lock screens based on content providers that offer constantly updated information such as news, sports, weather, or other content, including video clips.

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Conduit VP mobile strategy Ori Lavie told Globes that the idea is to enable content providers to create higher consumer engagement. Although there are already scores of applications that present lock screens with various options, Conduit’s is to enable content providers to brand users’ lock screens. “The product is a saturated window, which saves the user several clicks to reach preferred content quickly,” he said.

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Brands such ESPN will be able to package the application with a design identified with the brand, and which will include options for viewing content, such as basketball, football, or baseball games directly on the lock screen.

To test the waters before officially launching the product, Conduit has released a generic product, called LockView Lockscreen, which can be downloaded from Android Play stores. Although it is intended for the use and operation of content providers, Conduit’s house product offers especially high operational capacity, compared with current lock screen apps on sale at Android Play stores.

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