Drippler Keeps Your Gadgets Up To Date

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The prevalent word in today’s computing world is “devices” – laptops, iPods, smartphones, tablets and other such gadgets. Chances are you have a slew of them, at least some of which are sitting on a shelf or in a drawer because they’re a bit dated.

An Israeli startup called Drippler wants to give these sophisticated devices another opportunity to shine.

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Drippler scans hundreds of gadget-related blogs, tech news sites, manufacturer websites, communities and more, using advanced data-processing technology to match every piece of content to the gadgets listed by users when they set up their free online account.

It identifies the most important, interesting and relevant updates , called “Drips”, and sends them to users who have, or want, these gadgets in a personalized dashboard – named “My Drips” – as well as a weekly personalized email.

One reason consumers end up getting frustrated with their devices – failing to use them to their full potential – is confusion about how to use them and how to keep them up to date. Reading the manual just doesn’t cut it, since manufacturers are constantly coming out with new versions of operating systems and software that supply devices with new and more powerful capabilities, updates to protect against viruses, revisions to fix bugs and so on. It’s a forest of data that gets difficult to navigate for all the individual trees.

Drippler - Technology News - Israel

Drippler's "My Drips" page

While there are several ways to get this information – like setting up an RSS feed or a Google Alert – Drippler CEO Matan Talmi believes his system is more effective. Drippler’s technology, he says, goes beyond simple keyword searches, and provides users with all the relevant content on their gadgets.

“Drippler’s technology attributes related content according to the product’s category, brand, series, model and specification, a level of detail you wouldn’t be able to get using RSS or Google Alerts”, he explains.

But according to Talmi, Drippler doesn’t give you too much detail – just the best. “The problem is that ‘all’ is too much. The web is flooded with information, and Drippler saves users the hassle of searching and browsing through the noise,” he adds.

Drippler‘s public beta site was launched last August. Located in Tel Aviv, Drippler is a privately held company that has so far raised seed funding from investors and Israeli high-tech entrepreneurs such as Reuven Agassi (founder of SAP Business One), Yanki Margalit (founder of Aladdin Knowledge Systems) and David Assia (founder of Magic Software Enterprises).

Photo by Paul B. Reynolds

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