Vodio Helps You Discover The Videos You Want To Watch

By Jack Lunz, NoCamels February 27, 2012 Comments

Israeli startup company Vodio created a free iPad app that helps users discover and search for videos across the web – while learning what their preferences are. The app’s goal is to bring all videos to its users under a single umbrella so users no longer have to search the internet to find videos they want to see.

According to the developers, the app – which is currently supported only on iPad devices – tries to constantly adapt to the users’ personal taste in video content. To receive video recommendations, users need to configure the app according to their interests by selecting categories of videos they would like to watch. Categories include Sports, Entertainment, News, Movies, Music and Science. Users can also narrow down their fields of interest by selecting sub-categories. In sports, for example, they can select Football, Tennis, Basketball, etc.

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The video categories are lined up on vertical channels that list the videos the app has found. Users swipe their fingers horizontally to move between channels – and vertically to scroll through the videos in these channels.

The Quick Share tool allows users to share their favorite videos on Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. The application’s User Interface is based on interfaces already existing on sites like YouTube and Google. “We are not trying to re-educate people, we just want them to explore with ease. We want the user to enjoy their experience,” CEO Jonathan Messika tells NoCamels.

Vodio plans on three streams of revenue. Primarily, as the users indicate their interests, advertisements can be more easily targeted. The app will also include premium content via MTV, NFL, CNN and other content providers. And the company plans on having affiliated goods from the apple store, offered with the click of a button.

Vodio - Technology News - IsraelThe innovation of Vodio is that it can go beyond iTunes store and allows the user to purchase products from across the web, says Messika. “We know you like Pearl Jam and we know you live in New York – then we can offer you tickets for a Pearl Jam concert in New York,” he adds. The company wants the video to be the hub, or the first step to discover additional content on the internet.

The video discovery market is a competitive one, however, with applications such as shelby.tv and Israeli Deja competing with Vodio.

Vodio Labs Ltd., the company behind Vodio, was founded in early 2011 by Messika, Uri Twig and Ishay Weinstock in Tel Aviv, Israel. Last July, it raised a 200,000 Euro in funding. “We have funding for the next several months,” says Messika. “We want, now, to develop business relations with content and media providers – and we are always open to discuss any future additional investment.”

Photos courtesy of Vodio

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