FDA Approves ‘Thrombotech’ Phase IIa Trial For Stroke Treatment

By NoCamels Team February 29, 2012 Comments

Israeli biotechnology company Thrombotech has obtained US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for a Phase IIa clinical trial of its treatment for ischemic stroke by destroying blood clots. The trial will be conducted in the US and will test the safety of the drug, THR-18. The clinical trial was initiated at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem and Sourasky Medical Center in Tel Aviv. The company is now waiting to receive regulatory permits for trials in Europe and India. View and Share

Buy Your Food Straight From The Local Farmers With Farmigo

August 01, 2014 For so many of us, fresh and local produce is a luxury that we just can’t afford. But thanks to Farmigo, a platform that connects between local farmers and communities to create neighborhood farmers markets, the luxury of freshness may finally be affordable, and philanthropic too.
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