Israeli Chip To Enable Car-To-Car Communication And Prevent Accidents

By Translation by Alexandra Man August 01, 2011 Comments

While there are already some technological solutions like apps that can help drivers avoid traffic jams, one solution is taking assisted driving to a whole new level.

Autotalks, an Israeli company founded by Nir Sasson and Onn Haran, has been working on a chip to be installed in cars that transmits electronic messages every second, which  include the car’s position, direction, and warning messages. Other cars in the area that also have the chip would receive and emit messages as well. All these messages can then be analyzed to evaluate the chances of accidents, traffic jams etc, according to Sasson. The warning messages can be shown via audio and visual means to the drivers (in the navigation screen for example.) If a system is installed at a crossroads it could also  provide information about the traffic lights and pedestrians crossing.

Other solutions exist but they sometimes provide minimal time to react – sensors installed on the exterior of the car can tell the driver when to break only when he’s a few seconds away from crashing- a distance which most of the time is enough to reduce the impact of the crash but not to prevent it. Moreover, Autotalks can help drivers to be more aware of the road in tricky areas with many curves, slopes or bad weather, as it does not use visual sensors that can be limited.

“If our chip is installed at a traffic light at a junction, drivers can get a warning about something which is over the corner, something they couldn’t see beforehand because of limited field of view,” Haran told website The Marker. “We are not in competition with optic or radar-based systems. These systems are complementary systems and at the end every car will have different kinds of systems installed. Every system will reduce the chance of an accident.”

Besides the chips in cars, Autotalks’ chips are suited for road infrastructures such as junctions and traffic lights. While governments might be slow to adopt it because of cost, Autotalks says the long-term financial benefits are worth it because of the  high rate of car accidents around the world. There’s no need to net all the junctions, only the problematic ones.


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