Popular Gay Dating App Grindr Launches ‘Straight App’

By NoCamels team July 26, 2011 Comments

It is considered to be the most successful gay dating/acquaintance app in the world, with more that 2 million users. At any moment,  more than 50,000 people are connected on it and meeting others based on their geographic location.

Now, after capturing the gay scene and creating a whole new platform used by millions of people in 192 different countries across the world, Israeli-born Joel Simkhai, CEO of Grindr, is launching his next project targeting not only the gay scene, but everyone who wants to find out which other singles happen to be right in their vicinity.

The Grindr dating platform enables users to get to know people who are nearby. The application is very simple to use and presents pictures of all the users online who are close to your smartphone geographically by using the phone’s GPS system. Clicking on another user’s picture will reveal basic information about them, as well as the distance they are from you at that exact moment.

“Grindr’s greatest advantage is that you are not obliged to put in any data during registration and that you can turn it on anywhere in the world and get an updated image of all the people around you without making specific arrangements. This application recognizes your location using the GPS chip and shows you exactly who is around you,” Simkhai told Israeli website Newsgeek.

Simkhai announced another location-based app, called Amicus, will be launched this summer for the straight community. According to him, Gridr and Amicus do not revolve around romance or sexuality only.  “Most of our relationships as individuals are based on platonic relationship and are not sexual. Amicus will allow us to find people around us that will turn them from total strangers into ones that we might find interesting,” he said.

“”Facebook help you keep in touch with people that already know, Amicus will help you meet strangers and increase your social circles”.

Watch Grindr being discussed on popular TV show, Top Gear:

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