Israeli Jews And Arabs Rap For Co-existence

By Danielle Kubes for Ynetnews April 15, 2011 Comments

The 10 band members of rap group System Ali are a mixture of Jewish and Arab Israelis and they sing about unity and co-existence in Hebrew, Arabic, English and Russian.

BBC Duncan Crawford interviewed them at a rehearsal in Jaffa inIsrael and filmed it for BBC’s Newsbeat.

Neta Weiner, a singer and accordion player, told Crawford that the point of the band is to “bring a voice or several voices that are unheard in Israel…taking them out to the world.”

They’ve been working the Israeli hip-hop scene since their 2006 formation in a bomb-shelter in Jaffa.

Weiner says that the audience reactions are mixed and range from the positive to anger.

Although the band is comprised of members from different backgrounds, Weiner said they mostly get along and love each other, but “fights and disagreements are part of our everyday lives and are a tool for creation.”

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