Israelis Turn Their Homes Into Restaurants To Help The Poor

By Ion Braun April 22, 2011 Comments

Imagine you could have a wonderful dinner with your closest friends while helping those in need at the same time – those thoughts were the ones driving David Califa, of the Israeli food blog Beygale.

Califa created a project for Israelis to turn their homes into restaurants for one night by organizing convivial paying dinners with friends, with proceeds going to the organization La Sova, a charity which feeds thousands of poor families every day.

” With our own dinners we can provide a hot meal for people who need it. There is no such project anywhere in the world which can mobilize people to donate and at the same time have fun in their own homes,” Califa told NoCamels.

Beygale’s project is especially relevant this week, when Jews and Israelis are celebrating the week-long holiday of Passover and are expected to host dinners, which many cannot afford.

Califa explained: “The blog invites people to turn their homes into restaurants, or even just throw a picnic – they can choose whatever kind of meal they want, whether it is a fancy dinner, cheese and pastries buffet or a sweet gathering with desserts.”

Beygale’s online application provides the option to donate online with PayPal, the giant e-commerce site which promised to add 10 percent to every donation.

Local food corporations have also agreed to help the project by donating food ingredients for the meal preparation and chefs have agreed to volunteer as well.

Califa said that with only “2,000 NIS ($587) you can feed 400 people!”

The project has already been called a success with dozens of homes volunteering so far. “Even seven years old children are organizing, buying, cooking and serving in their parents’ home,” Califa added with a smile.

“For the price of only 5 NIS per ($1) per head, we will be able to feed numerous familes who can hopefully have a much happier holiday.”

Photo by Tostie14

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