Fresh Milk For Lactose Intolerant

By Translated by Michal Divon March 24, 2011 Comments

Tnuva, one of Israels’ largest dairy farms, has launched a new lactose intolerant friendly product which is the first of its kind: low-lactose milk, containing up to 0.5% lactose. Tnuva claims the new product was launched after 15% of consumers expressed a preference for products that are easier on the digestive system.

For people who suffer from low lactose intolerance, which has varying degrees of severity, the digestive system cannot break down milk sugar, and as a result may cause diarrhea, abdominal pain and gas.

“There are quite a few people in the population avoiding milk because of lactose intolerance, ” explains Krause, a nutritionist and member of the “Future” Association of dietitians and nutritionists and the site management for “Good Diet”. “However, many of the patients are able to consume dairy products that are low in lactose, and for whom such milk may be a solution.”

Krause adds that one must not confuse their calculations of lactose percentage: “half a percent is half a gram per 100 ml. This means that low-lactose milk contains half a gram of lactose per 100 ml of milk, and therefore a glass of milk containing 200 ml will have only one gram of lactose. “This is one tenth of the amount of lactose in regular milk, which contains about 5 grams of lactose per 100 ml. However, there are lactose intolerant patients who will not even be able to consume such a quantity. ”

The full article appeared in the special weekend edition of Yediot “Mamon”
For the full article in Hebrew click here
Translation by Michal Divon
Photo by tuchodi

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