Tel Aviv Does Music Concerts In Unexpected Places!

By Luisa Strasburger February 22, 2011 Comments

Tel Aviv – Israel’s bustling hub of modernity – is widely known for its unconventional and kooky trends. There are not many other places in the world where the popular gay beach has been placed right next to an ultra-religious one, or where you can find a restaurant that serves, well, air.

Now shop owners and barbershops in the “city that never sleeps” have come up with a new idea – music concerts in their shop windows.

One of these stores is vintage heaven “Bograshov 53” where fashion meets music on every last Friday of the month. Ophira Aubercger, owner of the shop, told NoCamels how she came about the idea:  “A music agent was was looking for a creative place to promote the new CD for one of her artists called Michal Lotan. Many of the artists know my store and the design of my window looks like a frame when you stand in it, a perfect fit to place a musician. After the success of the first show, we decided to continue this tradition.”

With loudspeakers turned to the street, passers-by are immediately attracted to the usually mellow music. The artists performing are always dressed in the shop’s clothes, to promote them.

Aubercger is delighted with the results results: “It presents a special alternative lifestyle which fits the way of thinking of a musician,” she said. “The reactions of customers are extremely positive and sometimes people come just to see the gigs. Every concert involves a lot of fun and creates a positive atmosphere. Many artist come into my shop and ask if they can be part of the concept,” she added.

Another person to have adopted the trend is Kobi Mercury, who owns a hair salon. The weekly shows in his barbershop shop provide a welcome platform for young artists.

The trend is picking up in several other places as well, perhaps changing the face of live Israeli music as we know it.

Next time, instead of buying tickets to a music concert, you can simply go to  get a haircut.

Photo by Shira R

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