New Drug To Heal Diabetics’ Chronic Wounds

By Translation by Maya Rizel February 23, 2011 Comments

Israeli and American scientists have developed a drug to treat chronic wounds – those wounds that do not heal in an orderly set of stages and in a predictable amount of time the way most wounds do – using cutting edge Nano-Technology.

Scientists from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and Harvard University have developed the drug  using methods of genetic engineering and Nano-Technology, to help diabetics and others who suffer from chronic wounds.

Previous research found that proteins called Cytokines may be helpful in healing wounds, but the process of production was too expensive and the drugs did not last long enough.

The team of researchers found that exposing Cytokines to high temperature causes these proteins to fold together into Nano scale particles, 200 times smaller than thickness of  a  hair. Reducing the size of the Cytokines simplifies the process of production and extends the action of the protein around the wound.

Experiments found that the innovative drug speeds up the healing process of chronic wounds of diabetic mice. The scientists are now planning clinical trials on patients with diabetes and assess that the drug will be marketed in 5 years.

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Translated by Maya Rizel
Photo by Shermeee

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