Academy Of Art And Design Turns Israel Into Giant Art Gallery

By nocamels February 24, 2011 Comments
Bezalel, Israel’s leading academy of art and design, and one of the top art schools in the world, is turning the whole of Israel into an art gallery, from February 16 to 26.

Some 1600 students from all eight of Bezalel’s art and design departments will contribute one piece of artwork to the largest outdoor exhibition ever in Israel. Each piece of art is being reproduced on billboards and they will be distributed and displayed across the country.

An online gallery on the Bezalel website will allow people to view all projects in their locations across Israel and will show the location of each project (city and street).

The exhibition is being used as a way of raising awareness of the academy’s work, driving registration for new students, and inviting interested candidates to come to the academy’s open days on 22nd February and 8th March. The project has been devised in cooperation will the advertising firm, Shalmor-Avnon-Amichay Y&R.

It is the most ambitious and wide-ranging campaign that Bezalel has ever run, involving more faculty members and students than ever before. Like previous Bezalel campaigns, this one will also say: “Join the ranks of Bezalel graduates.”

Professor Arnon Zuckerman, president of Bezalel Academy said: “All of us at Bezalel are excited to be part of this bold project. We wanted to communicate to the public what a depth of talent Bezalel produces and what a wide range of disciplines and influences we cover. We are hugely proud of the wonderful work that our students produce.

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Photo courtesy of Bezalel

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