1000 Kilometers, 100 Days and One Very Special Journey Through Israel

By nocamels February 05, 2011 Comments

The four-month-long Walk About Love Festival will open more than 620 miles of hiking paths to travelers to trek the entirety ofIsrael’s diverse landscape, from February 23 to June 4.

Over the course of 100 days, participants will hike through Israel’s diverse landscape of deserts, forests, rivers, lakes, beaches and mountains with the opportunity to meet local residents along the way.

The festival will start off with a two-day musical parade and opening reception at a Beach in Eilat, and guide travelers through the lunar-like landscape in Eilat to the Ramon Crater and through the Judean Desert to Jerusalem, beginning February 27.

The second leg will take hikers from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, and north along the Mediterranean coastline to the Sea of Galilee and Jordan Valley to the final destination at Mount Hermon. The festival will also include a three-week camped stay near the Dead Sea, one of the finalists in the New7Wonders of Nature competition.

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Photo by Dainis Matisons

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